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Oh no! Have you just noticed a bedbug scurrying through your bedroom or across your bed sheets? If so, you’re likely feeling disgusted, freaked out, and a little bit scared. Unfortunately, bedbugs are incredibly hardy and have become even more difficult to exterminate in the past few years. The good news is that there are a few secrets for eliminating these bugs and you’ve come to the right place. There are numerous bed bug exterminators in Indianapolis, but not all of them are equal. We sincerely believe that we offer a solution like no one else. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, immensely experienced, and more than capable of eliminating any and all bedbug infestations they face.

Before getting into our services, it is important to learn about the current status of bed bugs in Indianapolis.

Bed Bugs Have Evolved

At one point in the past, it was believed that bedbugs have been eliminated for good. The utilization of certain pesticides was able to diminish their numbers down to nearly nothing. However, new regulations were set in place by the federal government and prohibited the use of these pesticides, since they were considered to be dangerous. And then, it happened. Bedbugs remerged and proved to be a formidable enemy.

After years and years of being killed by pesticides, bedbugs evolved and began to develop thicker shells. The bugs are now nearly invulnerable to almost all pesticides. Pesticides can still be effective, but it’ll take several treatments and will require exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. At this point, things might sound bleak, but there is some good news on the horizon. Thanks to the evolution of bedbugs Indianapolis exterminators were forced to get creative and we were not different.

We offer heat treatment services, which are widely considered to be the most effective for the eradication of bed bugs.

What You Should Expect In A Professional Inspection

Once you contact an Indianapolis bed bugs exterminator, an appointment will be made for a home inspection. If this is your first time dealing with a bedbug infestation, you will probably not know what to expect to happen, during the actual inspection. The inspection should be setup to occur within the first 24-48 hours after you contact the exterminator. If you feel like your infestation needs emergency attention, be sure to relay this to the representative.

On the day of the scheduled inspection, a licensed exterminator will arrive at your home promptly. Your entire home will be inspected, even the attic, basement, and crawl space. What the inspector is looking is signs of a bedbug inspection, which may include anything from dead exoskeletons to dried blood. The most common places, where these will be found will be the bedroom. Bedbugs tend to stay within the range of where the host sleeps, since they feed their blood at night.

While, it may make you feel comfortable that a stranger is going through your bed linen and personal belongings, it is a necessity. You should also expect to see the inspector use a flashlight during the process. An adult bedbug’s body is about 1/5 of an inch, so a flashlight is needed to light up the area.

If the inspector finds signs of a bedbug infestation, he/she will provide you with the evidence. At this point, you will need to choose a treatment that will suit your needs and financial budget.


Our Services

Bed bugs do not discriminate, because they will take up residence in any commercial or residential establishment. We offer an array of residential and commercial bedbug services. Our team will work with you to help eradicate the bed bug infestation, so you can return to your daily routine. Yes, a parasitic infestation can definitely take its toll on everyone involved, especially families with small children.

Why Us?

We sincerely believe that we’re the top bed bug exterminator within the Indianapolis area. Our company has worked diligently and strenuously over the years to perfect our techniques, while improving our customer service. This has given us the ability to better serve the residents of Indianapolis. This is our top priority. If the client is unsatisfied, we’re not happy and will do whatever it takes to turn things around.

  • An infestation of any kind can be downright embarrassing. Bedbugs might not be connected to uncleanliness, but it doesn’t matter. Their presence will make homeowners want to hide their heads in the sand. We understand this firsthand and see it daily. When working with us, you’ll never have to worry about being judged due to your predicament. Our technicians are non-judgmental and will keep your problem a secret.
  • Consumers can rest assured knowing our technicians are thoroughly trainer, experience, and properly vetted. We understand that it can be frightening to allow a stranger into your home, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. All technicians are extensively background checked, before they’re allowed to enter the workplace. This isn’t necessarily true with the other bedbug exterminators in Indianapolis.
  • It is safe to say that consumers love getting a bargain, but they demand results even more. We sympathize with this sentiment and want to offer the most cost-effective option possible. We might not always offer the most affordable price possible, but our service is reliable, effective, and convenient. We sincerely believe that makes it well worth the cost.
  • When looking for a good exterminator, it is pertinent to choose one that is licensed and insured. If you hire a company that doesn’t have these credentials, you may very well face major problems in the near future. Rest assured knowing our company is licensed by the state and completely insured. The combination means you’re off the hook in the event of an accident.
  • Our company cares more about your satisfaction than profits. If you request an inspection and your home is bedbug-free, we’ll let you know about it. We have no intention of scamming our clients for gains and sincerely care about the consumer’s satisfaction.

Give Us A Call Today

A bedbug infestation isn’t going to fix itself and doing it on your own isn’t realistic or cost-effective. This is why we highly encourage all Indianapolis residents to call us, when they’ve discovered a bedbug infestation. Our company has dealt with innumerable bedbug cases and we’ve yet to face a problem we haven’t been able to rectify. When you need help, you need to pick up the phone and call us!


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