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Hello and welcome. Indianapolis, Indiana is truly the Crossroads of America. It is one of those hidden gems, where everyone knows everyone else and neighbors help out neighbors. As a company, which has serviced the area for many years, we understand this wholeheartedly and we love the community. This includes you and your family. It is important for residents of Indianapolis to begin familiarizing themselves with the ongoing bedbug problem. Indianapolis bed bugs like much of the country has become very problematic and widespread over the past few years.

We know a great deal regarding the bed bugs crawling through Indianapolis and want to offer a helping hand. Once you’ve confirmed an infestation, you cannot delay! Doing so will only allow the problem to worsen and become much more detrimental.

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Never Invulnerable

Many residents of Indiana mistakenly believe that they’re invulnerable to bedbugs, because they clean their houses each and every day. Although this may help them fight off roaches, it will have very little impact, if any, on bedbugs. What consumers failed to understand is that the bed bugs in Indianapolis are not caused by unkemptness. They’re not attracted to breadcrumbs or potato chip remnants on your floor. Instead, they’re attracted to your blood!

Generally, residential establishments, which have a high turnover, are much more likely to become infested by bedbugs. This includes apartments, dorms, hotels, cruise ships, refugee camps, and homeless shelters. However, nobody and no home is invulnerable. Unless you live inside of a bubble or on a deserted, you could very well become impacted by bedbugs. Since these bugs are widespread and do not feed off of filth and food debris, you should not feel embarrassed by your current situation. We’re one of the top bed bugs exterminators in Indianapolis and we’ll be able to help you restore your life to normalcy.

How Infestation Occurs

Again, bedbugs are not attracted to filth, dirt, or food crumbs. Instead, they’re much similar to a contagious disease. They’re actually passed from one individual to the next. Purchasing used clothing or furniture can lead directly to an infestation. At the same time, spending a night within a motel or hotel could result in an infestation. Finally, if you allow someone that is dealing with bedbugs to enter your home, you could also become a victim. These critters travel in luggage, on furniture, and within clothing. They’re difficult to spot and even more difficult to keep out. So, an infestation is not always the consumer’s fault.

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Most Common Hiding Places

Bed bugs are very deceptive and there is a very good reason why. These little critters know that if they are discovered, the home or business owner will immediately take action get rid of them. Bedbugs feed on human blood, but some adults are lucky enough to survive for up to 400 days. For this very reason, bedbugs will try to remain in proximity of their host. During the initial inspection process, the exterminator will carefully investigate your bedding, furniture, and clothing. The professional will be looking for signs of an infestation, which may include dried blood and exoskeletons. It is also not unusual to find remnants along baseboards, footboards, and electric receptacles.

Professional bed bug exterminators in Indianapolis can provide you with pamphlets and other reading material that can be utilized for educational purposes. Be sure to share this information with your neighbors, children, and friends, because if they have visited your home recently, they very well could have carried some of the bedbugs back to their home.


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A nymph or young bedbug’s body is transparent in color, so they are a little more difficult to see. Once they feed, their abdomen will grow slightly large and turn bright red due to the blood content. Throughout the young bedbugs’ life, it will need to need to shed its skin up to 5 times, before becoming an adult. If the nymph is capable of gaining access to fresh blood on a routine basis, it will reach adulthood in a much quicker manner. It may take a nymph with regular feedings anywhere from 4 to 9 weeks to become an adult.


Nocturnal Characteristics

A bedbug exhibits nocturnal characteristics, but they are not truly nocturnal. The term nocturnal basically means that everything is done at night. Even though bedbugs often feed on their host at night, it is not unusual for them to feed during the daylight hours, as well. The main reason why bed bugs feed at night is because this is when humans are often sleeping and this is necessary in order to stay under the radar.

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We Are The Most Trusted Bed Bug Exterminator In Indianapolis

When it comes down to it, Indianapolis is overflowing with exterminators and the mass majority of these companies will be able to help you remove the bugs from your home. However, it is essential to look at the bigger picture. Not all companies are willing to greet you with a smile, shake your hand, and provide you with a total satisfactory experience. This is where we differ from the masses. We’ve serviced Indianapolis for many years and now feel like a part of the family. Our technicians sincerely care about you and your family and will do their best to deliver 110% each and every time.

  • We are well aware of the dangers associated with pesticides and other bed bug killers. We sincerely believe it is best to stay away from these products, since they can put you and your family in harm’s way. Instead, our technicians will only incorporate the use of the latest, most effective, and safest techniques available. With our company, you’ll never have to worry about suffering adverse reactions or risking your health.
  • Although there are some great, professional exterminators in Indianapolis, consumers need to proceed with caution. Some of these companies do not screen their employees and this can put the consumer and their family in a potentially dangerous situation. This is something we will not tolerate. Our company makes sure all employees are thoroughly background checked and drug screened, before they’re allowed to enter the client’s home.
  • Bedbug infestations can be very embarrassing. We understand this and will do our best to keep your problem a secret from your friends and neighbors. During our visit, we’ll do our best to conceal our tracks, so nobody will know why we’re there.

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When you’ve discovered a bedbug problem, it is time to take action. Delaying will only result in further frustrations. Our technicians are ready for your call and will be able to help you rectify the problem, before you know it!


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