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Heat Treatment

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Bedbugs are difficult to remove from your home, but you’re tougher. To effectively eliminate bedbugs, you’ll need to use several tools at your disposal. Besides offering an assortment of solutions for bedbugs, we also offer thermal heat treatments.

We often recommend this solution because it is safe, effective, and affordable.

How Does Heat Treatment Work?

The process is simple and straightforward. When you agree to use our services, an exterminator will enter your home and increase the temperature of the home. Once the right temperature is maintained, the bedbugs will perish. They cannot survive when exposed to incredibly hot temperatures. Heat is effective for treating 100% of the home.

In addition to this, heat can reach every crack and crevices even places you cannot see. As a result, heat is one of the best ways to eliminate bedbugs and bedbug eggs. Our heat treatment will raise the temperature of your home above 140-degrees. When exposed to these temperatures, bedbugs will not be able to survive.

It normally takes a few hours but all of the bedbugs in your home will die. Heat is one of the most effective treatments because bedbugs will not be able to escape.

A Reliable Bedbug Treatment

Our company guarantees each and every job we do. Just remember that some of our solutions are not perfect. There is always a risk that the bugs are going to escape and return once the exterminator leaves. Heat is more effective because bedbugs will not be able to hide from the increasing temperatures. When your home reaches 140-degrees, the bedbugs will have limited options.

They’ll either need to escape your home or perish. Thankfully, our exterminator will take steps to make sure that the bedbugs cannot leave your home.

Keeping An Eye On The Heat

Our exterminator needs to keep a close eye on the temperature to ensure the overall success of our bedbug heat treatments. The temperatures in your home need to stay above 140-degree for two hours or longer. We prefer keeping the temperatures this high a bit longer. The temperatures must remain above 140-degrees without any fluctuations to ensure that the bedbugs are eliminated.

Thankfully, this technique can kill bedbugs no matter where they’re hiding in your home.

Evacuating The Home

During the heat treatment, your home is going to be very warm. As a result, we’ll ask you and your loved ones to stay out of the home until the process is finished. It is best to schedule the treatment for a time when you don’t need to be home. If you’re going to be outside of the home for several days, it would be a good idea to perform the treatment then.

We refuse to take any chances with the health and safety of our clients. We’ll encourage you to stay away from your home until we’re finished. Are you interested in learning more about our heat treatments? Don’t hesitate to contact our local office. Call us so we can walk you through all of the options available to you.

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