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What You Need To Know About Indianapolis Bed Bugs

Homeowners and renters face an abundance of problems and many of these can occur unexpectedly. This is especially true, when it comes to a bug infestation. Despite putting in an extensive amount of effort to keep your home clean and properly maintained, your house will never be invulnerable to pests. Some pests, including bedbugs, do not actually target unkempt homes. They’re after your blood instead! Don’t worry. Indianapolis bed bugs aren’t as scary as they might sound, but they’re just as annoying as you could imagine. Within this guide, you’ll learn all about these critters.


Genetics And More

First, you should understand that bedbugs are parasitic. When they get hungry, they feed on blood. More specifically, they want to feed on your blood and will generally do so, while you sleep. These creatures do not eat anything else. Although they’re not scientifically classified as nocturnal, they do behave in a very similar manner. As long as they’re not starving, bedbugs will remain hidden during the day, while coming out at night to feed.


Risks Of Bedbug Bites

When hearing about the bed bugs in Indianapolis, most residents will freak out immediately. Thankfully, there is some good news. Bedbugs aren’t necessarily dangerous and do not pose a serious health risk to most people. These insects have not been known to transmit any diseases. However, some people will experience allergic reactions to bed bug bites. The most common side effects are skin rashes, but some individuals may also experience other allergic symptoms and psychological effects. The biggest risk associated with bedbugs is the toll their presence will take on you mentally, as well as the amount of sleep they’ll force you to lose each night.



Surprisingly, a lot of consumers will live with bedbugs for several weeks, if not months, before they even detect the insects. They’re difficult to spot, due to their nocturnal-like behaviors. However, there are numerous ways to detect an infestation. Some will actually spot a living bedbug. Others will be forced to look for the telltale signs of an infestation. These include bites on the body, stains on your bed sheets, and a musty odor within your bedroom.

Remember that the bites look like red welts and they’ll normally appear on the parts of the body, which make direct contact with the bed. There are also dogs, which are specifically trained to inspect homes and detect these insects.



Once an infestation has been confirmed, you’ll want to go ahead and begin treatments. There are three main types of treatment options, but only one has been proven to be effective. The effectiveness of pesticides has decreased substantially over the years, since the bugs are evolved and their shells has grown thicker. Doing it yourself with over-the-counter solutions is another option, but it is not recommended. Instead, the use of heat is best. Heat can eliminate the bugs in a single treatment and tends to be much more convenient for the homeowner. So, if you’re trying to eliminate an infestation, you’ll want to ask your local exterminator about heat treatments!

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